I’m your host, Ed Park, and this is Ed on Product, where I seek to provide practical insights on product management. By practical insights, I’m talking about the combination of the what + the why + the how — with the how being a key focus. Insights are most powerful when they’re actionable.

Illustration based on undraw.coOver the past 25 years, I’ve worked in building and launching digital experiences in a variety of roles across Product Management, Engineering, and Program Management. Almost everything I know professionally I’ve picked up by learning-by-doing, reading a ton of books & blogs, being willing to experiment (and fail), and applying suction cups to talented people. Most of what I know is learnable if taught well, and that’s my goal here: to share knowledge that’s actionable and dialogue with you for our mutual benefit.

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Professional Experience

The many hats I’ve worn include (in reverse chronological order):

  • Director / VP of Product Management
  • Senior PM
  • YouTuber & Blogger (online gaming)
  • Management Consultant
  • Consultant on Product Development, Product Management, and Program Management through my company, Park Consulting LLC
  • Director of Engineering: led 170-person Engineering organization, directly led 35+ person projects
  • Engineering Manager
  • Java Middleware & Backend Lead Engineer, Build Master, and because I cared: Test Automator (whitebox & blackbox)
  • C++ Middleware Engineer
  • C++ Engineer & Build Master
  • UNIX & DB Environments Engineer
  • QA Tester

I’ve loved the various roles from different disciplines that I’ve played, especially Engineering. Product has resonated with me the most.

See my LinkedIn profile for the companies I’ve worked at.


This site participates in the Amazon Affiliate program. I may earn a small referral fee, at zero cost to you, if you purchase something after clicking on one of my links. I value my reputation and integrity much more than Amazon’s modest referral fee, so I only endorse books and products that I believe are worth it.

Illustrations courtesy of unDraw.

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